Choosing The Right Color For Your ESR Wheels

ESR wheels can be powder coated so that they can be any color that you desire. There are wheels you can purchase on the market that have already been colored and you might already like how they look. However, there are also services that provide custom powder coating so that you can choose exactly what type of wheels you want. 

Common ESR Colors

The most common colors for ESR wheels are black silver and gold. However, if you choose a different color, you can have a vehicle that stands out from all the rest. They are usually made of aluminum, but they can be colored to simulate a different material. 

Powder Coating Your ESR Wheels

A powder coating is a dry powder that is applied to the wheels. The powder is applied through a method known as electrostatic coating. It is then cured so that it coats the wheel. The advantage of powder coating is that it does not require a binder. The surface is more flawless when it is powder-coated. The wheel looks like it is naturally that color rather than looking like it was painted. 

Powder Coating Warranties

Because of the quality of powder-coated esr wheels, the wheels will often come with a long warranty. The warranty will protect you from a manufacturer's defect so that you can replace the wheel with a different one or have the powder-coating job performed again.

Wheel Color Visualizers

If you are not sure about what type of color your wheels should have, one option is to use a wheel visualizer. You'll be able to upload an image of your car and you will then be able to see how a certain type of color looks on your vehicle. Also, there are some wheel visualizers that allow you to look up your specific type of vehicle. 

There are certain colors that won't look that great with certain wheel colors. For example, dark red vehicles do not look as great with black, white or gold tires. Light blue does not fit as well with white or gold tires. Dark blue doesn't match with black tires. Silver and pewter vehicles do not match well with white or gold either. If you choose the right colored vehicle, you'll have an easier time finding wheels that look great with it and you can change the color of your wheels if you want to change up your style.

For more information, get in touch with companies that offer ESR wheels.