Need Some New Rims? 3 Important Things To Know

When it comes to replacing the rims on your vehicle, you need to make sure that you choose the right type of rims for your vehicle. The rims on your vehicle are more than just an aesthetic accessory, they also impact the performance of your vehicle as well.

Keep the Same Dimensions

When it comes to replacing your tires and wheels, you need to make sure that you keep the same overall dimensions of your original tires and wheels. That means that if you want to put larger rims on your vehicle, you need to put smaller tires on your vehicle, with a smaller sidewall so that the overall diameter of the set-up is as close to the OEM measurements as possible.

Be Careful About Changing the Camber and Offset

Next, you need to be careful with changing the camber and offset of your tires and rims. When you change the camber and offset, you are doing more than changing the appearance of your tires. You are changing the way that your brakes and suspension work as well. If you want to make major changes to the camber and offset of your wheels, you need to work with a mechanic to make adjustments to your brakes and suspension. If you don't make any changes, your suspension will likely wear out at a faster rate and will fail before it should.

Get the Speedometer Calibrated

When you change the size of your tires and rims, you need to also get your speedometer calibrated. When your wheels and tires are changed, the rotational speed of your tires changes as well. This will impact how your speedometer works. Whenever you change the diameter of your wheels, you should have a professional mechanic calibrate the speedometer.

You Pay for Quality

Finally, keep in mind that when it comes to replacing the rims on your vehicle, you really get what you pay for. If you purchase low-quality rims, they are more than likely going to break down at a faster rate. Low-quality wheels are more likely to crack if you hit a bump or a pothole on the rood. Low-quality rims will more easily bend and get damaged.

If you want to protect your vehicle, invest in high-quality rims that are designed to last. You want the rims that you put on your vehicle to last and to protect your vehicle.

When it comes to getting new rims, you need to make sure that you understand how changing the rims will impact the overall performance of your vehicle.