Material Handling Essentials For Tire Advertising And Servicing

A pneumatic cart and a freestanding work platform are two material handling essentials that will make it possible to advertise your wares and transport them to where tires will be put on or taken off of a vehicle. Material handling products that contain non-slick surfaces and designated storage areas will prevent tires from slipping or being stacked in a haphazard manner.

Pneumatic Cart

A pneumatic cart contains base wheels that have been filled with air. A cart that is designed for tire handling may contain built-in slots that will allow an end-user to stack tires vertically. This type of cart can aid with advertising products. A pneumatic cart can be used to transport a series of tires that are being sold on the premises.

Those who are interested in purchasing replacement tires or a spare set can read the labeling that is affixed to the side of each tire. Since many manufacturers secure one or more labels to the side of a new product, using a cart like this will not restrict the advertising that you are trying to promote. Thick metal overlays and a multi-tiered storage section will allow the safe handling of many tires at the same time.

A pneumatic cart may feature a side or base handle. The handle should be engaged whenever the cart is going to be transported to another section of a shop or when products are going to be moved outdoors. Pneumatic carts that are designed to carry tires will contain puncture-resistant wheels that can be moved across smooth or bumpy terrain. A pneumatic cart that contains a lock will allow a mechanic or salesperson to stabilize the equipment that is being used for display and transport purposes.

Freestanding Work Platform

A freestanding work platform will provide a mechanic with a way to inspect, prep, and clean tires, without needing to bend down. A platform that is at waist level will keep tires within eye view while they are being serviced. A work area that contains multiple platforms will support the storage of more than one tire and a series of hand tools.

If mechanics are going to be responsible for patching or plugging tires, they may discover that using a work platform will allow them to complete their job duties in a precise manner. If water is going to be used to rinse off tires that are going to be patched, a freestanding work platform should be constructed of waterproof materials.

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