The Advantage To Getting A Slightly Bigger Tire

Bigger tires (these are wider with shorter sidewalls) are in style for many car owners, but even when they're not in style, there's an advantage to getting slightly bigger tires than the ones your car came with when you bought it. Note that these are not giant tires that elevate you above traffic, but maybe just an inch or so bigger. This slight increase in width holds a number of advantages for your car and for your driving.

Getting Your Tire Repaired After Picking up a Nail or Screw on the Road

If you have a tire that goes flat while you are driving and you suspect it is a puncture in the tire that has caused it, there are some things you can check to try and determine if the tire can be fixed or not. There are some general rules for tire repair, and tires that go flat without a blow out are often the best candidates for a repair.